Saturday, March 28, 2009


Nursing involves the giving of care to the patients together with other members of the health care team including doctors. The person in the centre of these activities is a biopsychososial being called the PATIENT. Nurses exist because of these important individuals – THE PATIENTS.


A PROFESSIONAL NURSE is one who works with her patients at the highest level of knowledge, skills and a caring attitude while adhering to a set of code of ethics.


Of importance in the definition are:
1. Highest level – best of the highest possible standards.
2. Knowledge – Need to be aware of advances in knowledge and technologies in medical sciences.
3. Skill – Competency in the various skills required in nursing.
4. Caring attitude – Recognizing the need of the patient to be managed with compassion, courtesy, respect and dignity.
5. Code of ethics – A set of rules to guide professional behaviour.

All the above are ingredients of the professional development of a nurse.
The early professional development of a nurse is initiated by training schools but it does not end here. Professional development is a continuous process in the nurses career. This is important if we nurses are to gain respect and recognition.

There is a need for the nurse to be assertive and to function as an equal member of the health care team. This would become possible if she develops appropriately in the following three arrears:


1. The level of care provided in a general intensive care unit (ICU) is more complex than delivered in a general ward.
2. It is about 3.8 times more expensive to maintain ICU than a general ward.
3. currently, in United States the provision of ICU costs about 15% of the total hospital care.
4. Level of ICU care defers from hospital to hospital in Malaysia, according to facilities available.
5. In Malaysia managing an ICU bed cost about RM 2,000/ per day compared to an ordinary 3rd class bed which costs about RM200/per day.

The philosophy of the unit is that each patient is a person with a unique human dignity for whom medical personnel assume the responsibility of giving comprehensive, safe, effective medical & nursing care and protection.


 To provide directions in the nursing management of ICU.
 To develop protocols and guidelines in the running of ICU since it demands an extensive commitment of time, manpower, equipment and money.
 To manage critically ill patients with potential reversible pathology who require intensive monitoring and life support system.
 To provide training and skills for medical and paramedical staffs in the field of critical care.

Our vision

To provide nursing knowledge that can be applied in the clinical setting when caring for real people.

 Reflect current knowledge of the science and art of nursing in today’s world.
 Provide clear explanations of the pathophysiologic processes of various disorders.
 Emphasize the nurse’s role in collaborative care.
 Prioritize nursing interventions specific to altered human responses to illness.
 Foster critical-thinking skills
 Offer visual tools for learners


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